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Clue 4

Dear Miss Croft, I can assure you that your money is being very well spent here in this sunny location. As I sit here writing this note, I am compelled to remember a time when I used to tell you bedtime stories. Do you remember the one about the man with the three legged dog ? I believe that he lived at number 29 Acacia road. If I remember rightly, his age was about 58 years old aNd he had grey hair. Anyway on the 31st February at about 0800 hours, hE woke up to find that the dog had unfortunately passed away. It was lying on its back, doing an impression of a kitchen stool. Anyway, there is something around about here that would be of definite interest to you, and you might also remember another story I told you about how a certain scientist had a theory about how this location matched up with the midriff fastening of a prominent constellation. The fourth letter of his surname name escapes me though – despite hunting for it ! Kind regards, Your former Butler, Hillary

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