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How to Play

Before You Get Started

You will need to have both a web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari – any browser will be fine) and the Google Earth application available as all Hillary’s clues rely on you being able to look at the areas he is in and, once you have an idea of the area, using the web – Google, Wikipedia, etc. – to help you find the answers to the clues.

In Google Earth you will find it useful to have the Panoramio and Wikipedia layers switched on (both are part of the Geographic Web folder). There is also another layer you will need that can be downloaded here.

The ruler is also a useful tool!

How to Solve the Mystery

If you haven’t already read about the crime, start by doing that here. Then work through the clues (click on images and/or use the zoom feature – usually in the View menu of your browser – if you would like to view images in more detail) and you will find 7 letters. These letters form an anagram of the thief’s name and, correctly finding a name in this anagram, will allow you to access the Reveal the Thief page (and to Claim Your Prize!).

If you have any problems with a clue we encourage you to comment on the relevant page as your fellow game players and the game creators may be able to sneak you some hints and extra clues as you go.

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